Messy Church
21st February 2018
14:30- 16:30
Messy Church : Theme Prayer.

For accompanied children of all ages. There will be plenty of activities for the children to take part in, followed by food. Free, though donations toward cost of food & Craft welcome. Fun & Food. All welcome.

Craft, Games, Songs around the theme of Prayer.

Prayer is such an important aspect of the Christian faith .

There are some lovely prayers in the Bible – including, of course, the Lord’s Prayer.

Yet there is no set way to pray. We can kneel and close our eyes; we can stand or sit; we can put our hands together, raise our hands heavenwards; we can read prayers from a book or use our own words. We can pray by meditating on a piece of art. We can pray for ourselves and others. We can tell God how we feel.

These, and other ideas may be explored as we encourage our children to find their own ways of Talking to God.

Join us and help your child towards a life of prayer.
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